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The future is lightweight, the future is electric. We really believe in it. Seeing a huge interest to our 100% solar powered luxury yacht, we have no doubt that green technologies and abandonment of fossil fuels have a great potential in the luxury yacht segment. Therefore we intend to expand our facility and grow our business as more as possible.

There are many great yacht building companies around the world, but what has changed since the middle of 20th century in this industry? Almost nothing, except the visual design, finishing materials and more powerful internal combustion engines. We think differently and we want to put the luxury yacht building into completely new era – with ultra-modern materials and techniques where is no room for a fossil fuels. That’s the future and this future is electric.

Of course, we will consider all the investment offers. We look forward to build a solid long term relationship with the investors who think the same way like we.

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A bit about us

SOLAR YACHTS – young ambitious company with a big future plans. We specialized in the development and design of custom luxury yachts that operates exclusively on solar energy. Our supply partners are located in 19 countries around the world. At the moment, we can simultaneously build three yachts, but in the near future planning to increase the production capacity.