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Something new is coming… Say hello to SUNRAYA
Exclusively for those who really want to be unique

There is no options to choose from, except the hull color. Everything else the yacht building industry can suggest, SUNRAYA OFFERS by default and much more. Now you can feel the flavor of the future right now.

The SUNRAYA combines luxury, dynamics and comfort in a very different way, and it is everything you can expect from the environmentally-friendly and highly innovative contemporary luxury yacht.

Green & Sustainable

SUNRAYA’S design and technology ensures 100% reduction in GHG emissions, while other technical solutions, such us sewage treatment in compliance with international standards, waste compaction, etc. provides protection against ocean water pollution. The yacht is fully self-sufficient and eco-friendly and, in addition, the solar system guarantees you a complete independence and unlimited run range.

The yacht is equipped with more than 35,000 ultra-high-efficiency solar cells, which are arranged on the surfaces with the total area over 360 square meters. Under optimal conditions solar system generates near 100 kW of power, and all this power can be stored in one megawatt long life energy storage unit.

Performance & Comfort

Electric powertrain of this innovative, aggressive, but sexy yacht has a lot of advantages. Quiet, vibration free, maintenance free, reliable and environmentally friendly. Electric motors produce high torque at all RPMs, which means that high power is available at low speeds what makes maneuvering at low speed much easier and more precise. More you will never hear any noise, feel any vibrations, or smell any diesel fumes. And of course, speed. SUNRAYA is fast. Really fast.


Powered by two electric engines with lightweight carbon fiber hull and superstructure, she has a maximum speed of 45 knots, and a cruising speed of 30 knots. SUNRAYA equipped with the computer controlled gyroscopes which eliminates up to 90% uncomfortable yacht roll. This Bahamas-friendly, shallow-draft yacht built in compliance with the MCA and RINA Rules with the additional class notations – Comfort class and Green Plus Platinum. RINA green plus certification – is a guaranty that yacht designed according to the highest standard of environmental performance and energy efficiency and will be allowed to operate in the most beautiful and pure marine areas.

Value retention

Thanks to high-efficiency, sporty specifications, impressive look, Red Ensign jurisdiction and green factor, the SUNRAYA’S value retention and ROI is much more higher despite similar price tag in this class. And though it is not a major, but an important factor making an investment.

The second important factor – annual yacht operating costs. Here SUNRAYA has a lot of advantages too.

  • No fuel costs because she operates on absolutely free solar power.
  • Annual maintenance expenses are negligible.
  • Solar plant, power storage and powertrain are maintenance free.
  • No need for cleaners, teak oils, wax, and polish.
  • Powerful ultrasonic antifouling system helps keep the hull of your yacht free from most marine growth. This eliminates the need for annual hull antifouling painting.
This Yacht is designed not only for family activity but and for chartering too. She could be registered as a commercial or as private yacht. The sustainability and low impact is a good marketing opportunity, and the yacht can be run with a limited crew what lowers the operating costs.

Not only the best family cruiser

This Yacht is designed not only for family activity but and for chartering too. She could be registered as a commercial or as private yacht. The sustainability and low impact is a good marketing opportunity, and the yacht can be run with a limited crew what lowers the operating costs. Furthermore, the innovative yacht control and management system lowers these costs even more.

Thanks to our intelligent yacht control and management system, up to 90% possible issues we can identify remotely before they happen. We can immediately take care of them without disturbing the owner, and no matter where at the moment the yacht is.

Office on the water. Why not?

To combine business with pleasure now will be even easier. SUNRAYA offers features which turns the pleasure yacht into complete office on water.

Modern office is highly dependent on large amounts of data. The yacht and fast data transfer until recently were incompatible expressions. Now everything has changed. On-board technology provides full connectivity, combining satellite, 3G, 4G and terrestrial data transfer services.

Now there is no difference where you are – in port, offshore or mid-ocean – everywhere you get the fastest possible data transfer service not only for messaging but and for video conferences too. Moreover, the surfaces on-board, such us mirrors, table tops or certain window areas doubles as interactive touch screens providing informative content for you, so you will never leave anything out of control. Everything you need – at your fingertips. And nothing more.