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High-voltage and water in principle are not the best friends. Therefore the yacht's high-voltage system is totally sealed and waterproof. Separately, the energy storage unit is certified to an IP67 rating which means that the device is resistant against water ingress to a maximum of 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.
Additionally, we tested the water tightness of energy storage unit in more stringent conditions than IP67 certification requires. The energy storage unit remains totally waterproof at a depth of three meters for up to 2 hours.
Each energy storage unit module has its own safety sensors. In case of any physical damage or water leakage detected they automatically switches the voltage off at the connectors.
Energy storage unit has been designed to be the safest possible. Despite its waterproofness there is an energy unit management system (eUMS) which monitors and controls a number of key parameters at the cell level. Fault detection and reporting, charge and discharge management, cell balancing and health calculations - for all of this is responsible eUMS. The system also protects against short-circuits, overcharging, reverse polarity, cell and electronics overheating.
No less important components of the safety system are automatic real-time cable and connector monitoring system (RCCM) and isolation monitoring system (IMS). RCCM monitors shielded high-voltage cables and connectors for any damage and shuts down the system immediately if any such damage occurs.
IMS in real time monitors that all components associated with the high-voltage supply are isolated from the yacht. Any deviation from the established norms leads to an immediate shutdown of the whole system.
Each component in the electrical system which affects the security functions, such us relay stations, circuit breakers, alarm and emergency sensors, emergency stop and system shutdown units are duplicated, providing redundancy in case one should fail.

* The individual specifications for each vessel will be agreed as part of the sales contract between the purchaser and Solar Yachts or an authorized Solar Yachts dealer. Specifications may be changed at any time without notice or liability. Standard items will vary on yachts supplied to the European, Middle Eastern and American markets.