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Structure is designed in such a way to minimize the vessel’s weight maximally, and find the balance within luxury, comfort and performance.
Reinforced with Kevlar carbon fiber and vacuum resin infusion technology provides highest possible hull strength properties and huge weight savings. Longitudinal stringers supported by transverse bulkheads makes hull even more stable. Carbon is extremely strong and during the process we can align the fiber orientation with the direction of principal stress. The result - more strength and more impact resistance for less weight.
Superstructure and interior elements are made out of carbon fiber and non-metallic PK2 Kevlar N636 para-aramid fiber honeycomb which provides extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, high toughness and excellent thermal and moisture stability.
For all transparency applications on board is used Opticor and AeroGlass – advanced, high performance, craze-resistant, optically clear and lightweight transparent materials.
All fasteners including bolts, screws, rods, clamps, hangers, nuts and washers used on board are made from aircraft grade titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5). Titanium is 47% lighter than steel and has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel in salt water environment. Unlike aluminum, which corrodes when it comes into contact with carbon fiber, titanium works differently - in response to the temperature swings expands minimally.
As outdoor decking is used very functional, innovative and lightweight material which remains non-slip even in extreme conditions.
Innovative hull, engine room and air-duct sound insulation and anti-vibration materials ensures perfect noise insulation.
Usually steel elements on board, such as cleats, table and seat lift systems, handrails etc. are made out of carbon fiber.

* The individual specifications for each vessel will be agreed as part of the sales contract between the purchaser and Solar Yachts or an authorized Solar Yachts dealer. Specifications may be changed at any time without notice or liability. Standard items will vary on yachts supplied to the European, Middle Eastern and American markets.