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Energy storage

Energy storage unit is the heart of SUNRAYA. Powerful yacht needs lot's of energy, but at the same time should remain as light as possible. Lithium Sulfur cells helps to achieve it.
Lithium Sulfur cells are maintenance free, safe, long life and lightweight. They meet international standards concerning shock, crush, thermal stability and short circuit (UN38.3, IEC62133). Ceramic lithium sulfide passivation layer and a non-flammable electrolyte helps cells withstand extreme abuse situations.
Energy storage unit can be cycled around 2000 times before the capacity reduces to 80% of it's initial capacity.
Moreover, energy storage unit can be 100% discharged without any damage, allowing to use all the energy.
The design of the power storing unit features the ability to replace individual cells or group of cells. It reduces the cost of possible repair work in case of need.
Energy storage unit has been designed to be the safest possible. Despite its waterproofness there is an energy unit management system (eUMS) which monitors and controls a number of key parameters at the cell level. Fault detection and reporting, charge and discharge management, cell balancing and health calculations - for all of this is responsible eUMS.

* The individual specifications for each vessel will be agreed as part of the sales contract between the purchaser and Solar Yachts or an authorized Solar Yachts dealer.


Specifications may be changed at any time without notice or liability. Standard items will vary on yachts supplied to the European, Middle Eastern and American markets.