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SUNRAYA is equipped with two liquid-cooled, brushless, permanent-magnet electric motors. These electric motors produce very high torque /2 x 1000 Nm/ at the whole RPM range, which means that high output torque is available at very low speeds and high power is available at increased speeds. What does it mean? This makes maneuvering at low speed much easier and more precise and increases the dynamic performance at high speeds.
The motors can be operated in either a forward or reverse direction of rotation and quick switching between these modes makes perfect to use joystick control system for a docking and slow speed maneuvering. You can instantaneously control the yacht direction and speed, crab it diagonally, slip it straight sideway or rotate it 360° on its axis, with easy fingertip movements.
Digital liquid-cooled inverters and DSP controllers provides maximized output and efficiency up to 96 percent, and also increases the range of energy storage unit. More efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat.
Among the key features of electric propulsion must be emphasized long lifespan, low maintenance, lack of vibrations and lack of smells.
SUNRAYA is also equipped with most efficient propulsion system today - Voith Linear Jet /VLJ/. VLJ combines the best properties of conventional propellers with the best properties of conventional waterjets. The aft thrust from the propeller is exhausted through a set of thrust straightening stator vanes and pushed through a slightly tapered nozzle. The result - reduced yacht draft, the ability to reach high speeds with high efficiency and low noise and vibration levels from the jet side.

* The individual specifications for each vessel will be agreed as part of the sales contract between the purchaser and Solar Yachts or an authorized Solar Yachts dealer.


Specifications may be changed at any time without notice or liability. Standard items will vary on yachts supplied to the European, Middle Eastern and American markets.