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Solar plant

To power the contemporary yacht with solar energy is not an very easy thing. The solar plant must generate electricity under a various environmental conditions and must to produce electricity from dawn to dusk. Air temperature and cloud cover are the key factors. Critical parameters by which systems must be evaluated also include temperature sensitivity, and low-light or diffused-light performance.
There is no a lot of area on board, and that’s why SUNRAYA is equipped with high-energy efficiency, lightweight thin-film Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solar cells. GaAs naturally performs better at converting the sun’s energy into electricity than other materials and deliver more energy in high heat or low light – two of the most common real-world conditions for solar cells.
Solar cell conversion efficiency – over 28 percent.
Area covered with solar cells – over 360 square meters.
The number of solar cells – over 35,000
Solar cells are encapsulated by a transparent surface treated film – partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer – which protecting solar cells from the harsh weather conditions.
Despite the record breaking conversion efficiency and very high performance of solar cells, the whole encapsulated solar system weighs just over 150 kilos. This is one of the factors that has allowed us to make such a lightweight yacht.

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