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Meet something different and something better
Introducing the luxury yacht of the future available today

Performance now has a different look and feel

Voith Linear Jet

The Voith Linear Jet combines the best properties of propellers with the best properties of water-jets. This robust and low maintenance propulsion has a lot of advantages. Low sensitivity to marine growth, reduced yacht draft, the ability to reach high speeds with high efficiency, and more thrust with less noise and vibration.


Go anywhere without a single drop of fuel. That’s true. Thanks to absolutely free solar energy the SUNRAYA offers you unlimited run range. The solar system could generate near 100 kWh of instant power which could drive the yacht at a comfortable 17 knots. Just enjoy the silent solar-powered journey.


Say goodbye to engine noise and vibrations. With the silence of sailboat and the power and speed of a motorboat, SUNRAYA offers the best possible lifestyle on water. Without compromises. Only the sound of wind and waves.


SUNRAYA is equipped with two liquid-cooled, brushless, permanent-magnet electric motors. Digital liquid-cooled inverters and DSP controllers provides maximized output and efficiency up to 96 percent. More efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat.


Many of the world’s most beautiful and pure marine areas can only be accessed with silent and emission-free propulsion. This is exactly what SUNRAYA offers. Moreover, RINA green plus certification – is a guaranty that yacht designed according to the highest standard of environmental performance and energy efficiency.


Lightweight construction and electric propulsion of this high-tech luxury yacht provides excellent dynamic characteristics – you can cruise with pleasure at 30 knots and reach the maximum speed of 45 knots.

Control your yacht with a magic wand. Introducing the Captain’s key

This cool looking gadget which perfectly fits in your hand really makes magic. The captain’s key allows you to control various yacht systems and supplies you with useful real-time information.

The key also acts as digital identification, and without presence the captain’s key on-board the primary yacht’s functions are disabled.

The secure radio control system uses the same security encryption technology which is used in just about every aspect of military communications.

The captain’s key allows you to control:

  • Security system
  • Smart autopilot system
  • Energy management system
  • CCTV and night vision cameras
  • Smart dimmable windows
  • Intelligent climate control
  • Fire alarm system

At low speeds – up to 2 knots – you can use the captain’s key as your yacht’s steering wheel as well as joystick control via the 6 programmable keys.

The uncompromising comfort

Intelligent climate control

The intelligent climate control system requires minimal human interaction. Based on outdoor sensors, weather monitoring system, IR human skin temperature sensors, weather quality sensors and special algorithms, the climate control system creates ideal on board atmosphere without the human interaction. Even when you are not in place, the intelligent climate control system will maintain a comfortable conditions on board depending on real-time weather conditions or the mode selected and will replace the air several times an hour.

Circadian rhythm lighting

Light is playing the largest role in setting our circadian “clock” and light is actually crucial to our health. The circadian rhythm lighting system recreating outdoor lighting conditions by adjusting light levels and color temperatures. This kind of lighting helps adjust our bodies Circadian Rhythm (Sleep Cycles). And when you step on board SUNRAYA, just be sure – the time spent will be delightful.


SUNRAYA is equipped with high-tech active gyro stabilizer technology. The computer controlled gyroscope eliminates up to 90% of exhausting and dangerous yacht roll, and delivers completely different experience on board. No more fear of motion sickness, no more fatigue after couple hours of cruising, and no more spills and splashes.


Electric gyro stabilizer is mounted into the sound-proofed container, therefore will not disturb the yacht guest even in the rest hours.

Comfort class

RINA SERVICES has developed standards which enhance the vessel’s value and demonstrate commitment to excellence. Comfort class notation assigned to yachts which achieve an elevated level of comfort, in terms of noise and vibration, for both crew and passengers. The Comfort class – is a guarantee of perfect relaxation, and no matter you are cruising or at anchor.

Enjoy the sunny sky no matter what’s the weather like

Think the picture on the right is the real sky? Think again. Every stateroom and main salon is equipped with the artificial LED skylight systems which reproducing visual appearance of the sun and sky. Now you can have a sunny sky on board from dawn to dusk. All year round.

Artificial skylights complements the functionality of the circadian rhythm lighting system and together creates a unique, unforgettable and cozy interior atmosphere.

It looks like sunlight, but it isn’t. In the heart of this system are nanoparticles. The thin coating layer of nanoparticles accurately simulate sunlight through Earth’s atmosphere and also the effect known as Rayleigh scattering.

You can adjust color temperature and the angle of illumination and so simulate sunlight at different points on the globe including tropical, mediterranean, and nordic environments. It depends on the owner’s wishes.

Designed to enhance the luxury lifestyle

Smart dynamic windows

Smart dynamic windows allows not only to tint and clear windows on demand, but also to control unwanted sunlight, heat and glare. Admitting natural daylight and rejecting unwanted solar glare it’s easy to create comfortable atmosphere inside. Smart dynamic windows offers greater privacy and increased security, responds quickly /up to 3 seconds/ and automatically to varying operating conditions.

Smart surfaces

The surfaces on board, such us mirrors, table tops or certain window areas doubles as interactive touch screens providing informative content for the owner, captain an guests. Read news, check the mail and weather forecast and much more right on the spot.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition do a lot cool stuff on board SUNRAYA. This is not only a part of advanced security system. For every person on board, the owner can assign certain rights and privileges. For example, the system could automatically open the sliding doors into your stateroom, or provide the information on smart surfaces only for you. The system could remember your preferences on board and apply them next time.

Intelligent yacht control and management

Thanks to our intelligent yacht control and management system, up to 90% possible issues we can identify remotely before they happen. We can immediately take care of them without disturbing the owner, and no matter where at the moment the yacht is.

Impress your guests with on board growing micro-greens

To offer you the most technologically advanced and “green” yacht, is not enough for us. We would like to offer a different – “green” lifestyle on board too.

What about to grow sustainable, fresh and amazingly tasty micro-greens and salad leaves right in your main saloon? It’s very simple! Thanks to our integrated hydroponic and LED lighting system, micro-greens can be grown year-round in the perfect, pesticide-free environment on board.

Micro-greens can be used with just about anything on the menu, moreover, the bespoke micro-farm is a impressive interior element.

Main salon can be decorated with:

  • Thai basil
  • Watercress
  • Red Amaranth
  • Radish
  • Pea Shoots
  • Red-veined sorrel
  • Garlic chives
  • Mizuna
  • Coriander

The growing process is fully automated and doesn’t require human interaction. Just enjoy.

Navigation and Safety

Automatic yacht positioning

Automatic positioning system helps your yacht to get most out of sun rays to charge the energy storage unit at anchor. Simply engage the automatic positioning system to maximize the solar energy harvesting. The second function of this system is to make in-port maneuvering more precise, fast and safe.

Electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS)

The system displays the yacht position, speed and course in real time in the chart, based on information received from navigational sensors. Based on speed and course information, the system generates danger and grounding alarms. The system includes route planning which are checked for dangerous position of way-points and legs as the route is planned. The routes are stored and may be recalled whenever necessary.  The system is also capable to display additional navigation-related information.

Automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA)

The ARPA/AIS tracking function enables to identify all targets around your yacht and anticipate their movements. Detailed information is available by just moving your mouse over the icon on the screen such as course, speed, CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and TCPA (Time to Closest Point of Approach).

Smart autopilot system

The smart autopilot system consist of various on-board sensors, radars infrared cameras, long-range ultrasonic sensors and weather monitoring system. The yacht “sees” all obstacles in the water and “understands” the critical real-time weather conditions, such as wind speed, wind direction and drift. All this data combined with nautical charts and other static information allows simply tell the yacht what to do – to dock or go to the selected destination. Yeah, it’s simple, just tap the screen and nothing more.

Integrated touch screen bridge system with glass front

The SUNRAYA’S integrated bridge system serves as the central control and display platform, where all data present in the system are processed and visualized. Touch sensitive bridge surface with a rotary push drives and trackballs provides a convenient and intuitive monitoring and control for all resources on board.

The power to control the whole yacht functionality in this user friendly multi-touch system lies at your fingertips. Just tap or swipe. Moreover, most of yacht’s control options are possible in various zones where the smart surfaces are available.

The functions are displayed and controlled:

  • Navigation with sea charts and ARPA radar
  • Visualization of energy production
  • Visualization of energy consumption
  • Engines and positioning control
  • Display and control of navigation lights
  • CCTV and night vision cameras control
  • Underwater cameras and sonar control
  • Air quality monitoring and AC control
  • Door monitoring system
  • Tanks gauge system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Pumps and valves control